Monday, September 27, 2010

Happy Birthday to me....

Yes another yearly milestone celebrated on the weekend and it was fabulous. I love being on holidays for my birthday. We went to Airlie Beach and although the weather has been disgusting for the first week of the holidays, raining and miserable, the actual day of my birthday dawned warm and sunny.
We stayed at Peppers Coral Coast, a lovely 5 star accomodation set on the hill above Airlie.
Check out the gorgeous spa bath in our bathroom, easily able to seat two people and ample room to pop the glass of champas on the side.

We strolled among the market stalls early in the morning with lots of yummy tropical fruits and vegies. We had planned on going for a dive off the Barrier Reef, however due to all the rain the visability was poor so opted instead to go jet skiing. It was so much fun, including when my husband and I got thrown off as he was going too fast doing circles. The boys were on their jetskis next to us when it happened and they laughed so much and are still laughing. So did we.

We also did a half day kayak tour and snorkle trip to White rock, a tiny National Park surrounded by coral. This was a brilliant trip leaving Shute Harbour and paddling out to small islands. Very sore today though discovering muscles I haven't used in a long time. Brilliant activity to cater for teenagers that also interested us.
Sorry had to google images as I forgot to take my camera!

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  1. My birthday message seems to have disappeared - I think I might have forgotten to do the word verifiction thingy before I signed off! What a wonderful way to celebrate your birthday, it sounds so good.