Tuesday, November 30, 2010

When life gives you lemons....

.......................................................... make WW ProPoint lemonaide.

Life can be very messy. It does get in the way. Without going into unnecessary detail I have been suffering from some health issues for the last six weeks or so and am not able to exercise under medical directions. I love my exercise, it keeps me sane and makes me feel so good. I have been petrified I will wake up one morning and be back at 44kg heavier. I started the new ProPoint plan as soon as I got back from Sydney's Leader's seminar with so much enthusiasm and lost 1.5kg the first week. Second week .5kg. Third week was my birthday at Airlie and eating out every meal and indulging in cocktails so a stay the same. (WOW, usually this would have been at least 1kg gain) . Gradually I was feeling worse and worse though and finally caved and visited the DR. Many tests and pokes and scans later have found the problem and am receiving treatment.
I was still planning every week my menu, drinking all my water, and using my weekly PP if needed, but limited to one meal out. I felt a fraud in a way the week of the launch as I really wanted to get up and share with members I made it. I finally got to my personal goal through our wonderful new ProPoint plan. I am at goal. I started PP at goal. However I still yearn for those elusive 4 or 5 kg to be gone. So I was gutted that life got in the way.
However I discovered Paula's blog today( Have only ventured in WW blogland this week) http://community.weightwatchers.com.au/Blogs/UserBlog.aspx?blogID=1000048
This is one beautiful lady inside and out. I just had to steal her line, if life gives you lemons make WW ProPoint lemonade. Yes, this is what it is all about. I haven't gained heaps of weight (Yet) and I do think it is due to the new program as I have the extra 49 up my sleeve. Not exercising usually means gain big time to me, but this is what is making the difference.
I am very passionate about this program.AND when I get the ok and am back exercising, I will get to my happy weight with ProPoints!

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