Tuesday, March 16, 2010

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  1. Hi Leanne

    Thanks for the lovely comments on my blog--and for smoking me out as you put it--it worked! I have been reading back through some of your earlier posts as I missed the fact that you got to goal--I was going on the ticker at the top of the page that says 2 kg to goal?!? You need to change that! You really are an inspiration, I'm starting to feel the hunger to get to goal again. Good for you for going through with the leader training too, your background in education will be a real asset. I'm sure you will be able to motivate and inspire many.

    I'm up late assembling student portfolios that have to go home tomorrow. Last year I tried to get the kids to do it, but nearly had a nervous breakdown! Thanks for the reassuring comments about the teaching thing too, people not in the game just don't get it, so it's great to have feedback from someone who understands. Your new job sounds wonderful! I had the good fortune to be involved in a Literacy Improvement Strategy for the past 3 years. I was coached by a literacy expert like you, and now I'm trying to coach someone else, which is interesting.

    On the weekend I'm going to "pick up" my award, if I can figure it out. Thanks again!!

    BTW your first comment didn't publish because I forget to push "publish"! I had a nasty comment very early on in this lark, so I set up the approval thing.