Sunday, March 7, 2010

Gorgeous Blogger award

Thank you so much Ellen of Weighing Around who has given me this beautiful award: my first! How exciting.
Rules of the award are I have to share 6 little known facts about myself, well here goes:
1. I was born in Penang, Malaysia. I began life as a RAAF brat :)
2. I suffer from chronic insomnia and often have only an hours sleep a night. This has improved heaps this year with change in professional roles.
3. My biggest ambition in life is to be a great mother. It is so difficult though with the challenges of teenage boys.
4. I became an aunt at 7 years of age. My sister became a mother at 18 and a grandmother at 36.
5. I have a passion for travel and look forward to a time when my husband and I can do more.
6. As a child I went to 5 different primary schools and three high schools as my parents were transfered frequently. I am thankful for this opportunity as I think I have developed skills to adapt easily, however think subconsciously this impacted upon my choice of marraige partner. He still lives in the town he was born and bred in and whose father still lives in the home he grew up in. My youngest son has lived in this home for his whole life, his brothers were 1 and 2 when we bought here.

I will now grant this gorgeous blog award to:
Christina at Rustic Tarts
Lesley at Lellyj


  1. hey, thanks for the comment. yes, brian granger is my leader. he's brilliant! they need to clone him and spread him round australia! in the april issue of the mag there is a girl who goes to his thursday meeting. you should have seen him all excited at the meeting about having his first member in the mag. i'm hoping to get in the mag one day. kinda a secret dream to be a covergirl. lol.

  2. Hi Leanne

    Oh my gosh . . . I thought I'd pop by and see how you're going and there is a blog award for me?! I'm off to quickly write another post real quick as it's been a while. Thanks so much!

    As a relatively new blogger, I don't really know how to "do" awards, so I just wanted to check a few things with you please. Firstly, how do you get it onto your blog . . . do you just cut and paste it in? The people that you award the award to (great grammar, never guess that I'm a teacher would you?) is it a requirement that they have not been awarded this before? If you get time to reply, I'd be grateful. I feel a bit of a goose!

    From your 6 little known facts about yourself, I can tell we have even more in common than just being on this journey . . . I have two sons, too, one a fully fledged teenager and another on the cusp at age 11, also a teenage daughter who's 18 next week (how did that happen?) I was also born overseas and moved a lot. Like you, I think this was pivotal to developing my personality and also affected my life choices. My partner also moved a great deal when growing up, but we got married really young and bought a house while the rest of our friends were doing the grand tour of Europe . . . and we have only moved twice in 23 years!!
    So it's interesting to read these little known facts are very interesting to help us get to know one another.

    Sorry for the long comment--I tell people that it's not just that I talk alot, it's just that I'm a really fast typist!

    Best regards, Lesley