Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Golden arches

As I posted in the last blog entry I went away last weekend for an area Leaders meeting for WW. Wow, I had a fascinating weekend and have come home so inspired. We learnt a lot about nutrition and myth debunking which I will share over the next few blogs. One of the controversal announcements was that Weight Watchers signed a partnership deal with McDonalds in New Zealand to introduce three WW approved meals to help guide people in their selection of meal choices. I haven't posted prior to this as it was confidential however it was announced this morning on Sunrise and other media outlets so I can now share. WW is endorsing three meals: Fillet-o-fish with side salad and medium diet drink or water/ chicken nuggets with side salad and medium diet drink or water/ and sweet chilli seared chicken wrap with medium diet drink or water. Each of these meals has a points value of 6 1/2. It is a trial run on the South Island of New Zealand only, and if successful will be carried out everywhere. It was really interesting to hear the feedback from the Leaders which ranged from anger and shock to applause. The reaction on Sunrise this morning was similar. Basically it all comes down to choice and options. WW is promoting an endorsed by life philosophy where the eating plan fits in with todays lifestyles. As a WW member most of us already knew these options fitted in our points, but sometimes we may be caught out socially and find oursleves in Maccas without our points guide so its good to see the points up there to inform our choices. Personally I wouldn't use 61/2 points for a meal that I didn't love, however its nice to know I can be confident if I am at the Golden arches in my choices. I think its great that people can be guided in their lifestyle choices and not feel restricted. How do you feel about it?
Linda, you will be further infuriated after your last post when you hear the meals range in price from $6.50 for the fish and nugget meal combos to $5.90 for the wrap option. (This is for their lunch deals from 12.00-2.00 in NZ). They will be $8.70 and $6.50 respectively for the evening meal. Still it may be a more economical point and dollar option in the foodcourt choices?


  1. It is an interesting partnership, but I think it may help people make better choices.

  2. I can't quite decide where I sit on this one my darling girl. I guess I can see both sides - yes, it's good to have the information there, but... well, it feels a little bit like making a deal with the devil.

    I think perhaps I'm leaning towards bad idea - WW is sending a bit of a mixed message, yes? The food is ok, you can have it within Points... but it's choc full of saturated fat, sugar, salt and god knows what other chemicals... which will all kill you in the end anyhow.

    Need to think some more... may well even post on my own blog about it!

    Love you, love your work, Leanne! :)