Thursday, February 25, 2010

What a week!

What an amazing week I have had! Look where I am off to this weekend;
 I am in the process of changing so many areas of my life, primarily my career path. I have been a teacher for the last 20 odd years and am ready for change. I don't want to go into school Admin, having done relief roles and know that is not an area that I can imagine myself doing, there aren't too many pluses in this role, you usually only see the children with behavioural problems, Teaching staff when they have an issue, parents with a similar agenda etc. So when I was offered a role this year as a Key teacher/literacy/numeracy advisor working with small schools along with some of the city school part-time I thought, Yes this is the best of everything I love: working with children that need support, helping other teachers. liasing with staff and travelling. I LOVE it, its such a great job, even have a Government car with a corporate petrol card (for work purposes only of course).I do this on Tuesday, Wednesdays and Thursdays.To cap it off I have also completed my training this week as a Weight Watchers Leader. I was so lucky to met a wonderful lady who is in charge of the Eastern side of Australian WW and be trained by her and our Nth Qld and NT area manager who are the most passionate, lovely ladies I have had the honour to meet. They have such an amazing gift for presenting, knowledge of their product, wonderful strategies, and most importantly a passion for helping people achieve their lifestyle goals. This weekend I am fortunate enough to be flying to Townsville where we will have a leaders session on Sunday looking at new changes coming up at WW, and the latest in nutrition.
Townsville is such a beautiful city. I have plotted out some lovely walks I want to do, have some serious shopping planned and am looking forward to going out for dinner tomorrow night some some other leaders.
Heres a photo of the Strand where Townsville have made the most of their lovely coastline and built some great walking tracks, swimming areas and playgrounds.

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  1. Oh, wow, what an awesome time for you Leanne! I would LOVE to become a WW leader when I get to goal. You'll be an amazing leader, I just know it. Feel free to move to regional Victoria and come and be my leader - I stopped going to meetings because a weigher made a comment about me gaining ("You do know you're here to LOSE weight, right?") and because my leader fluffed on and used the group as her own personal therapy/support system.

    As a teacher, I get that teachers can learn as much from the students as a student can learn from the teacher, but I learnt nothing. None of us did. Just all about her. Very frustrating.

    Anyhow, I digress.

    You'll be super awesome - you must post and fill us in on all the "SLB" (Secret Leader Business)... I know there are things you can't tell us, because of course WW is a business, but you can tell us what sorts of things you need to learn about to become a leader, can't you?

    Love ya lots,