Wednesday, February 3, 2010

The power to transform your body and your life is in your hands

I was suprised yesterday as I was wondering around Bookworld to discover a display stand set up completely with Biggest Loser books. I had no idea there were so many in the series. There was Michelle Bridges new cookbook, Crunchtime and a number of Biggest Loser books offering a range of strategies to successfully lose weight and achieve health. I picked up "Secrets of Sucess"as I love before and after images and stories and find when the motivation is waning these can inspire. Even better there was 20% off all the items.
I loved the opening statement "Your health is your most valuable asset. Beyond looking attractive, the advantages of staying in shape are increased levels of stamina, a heightened sense of well being, and a joy and confidence that shine from within." Absolutely, there is no better feeling than the sucess of achieving health and weightloss. I was asked the other day by a fellow repeat offender(ie lifetime WW member who has restarted program so many times she has lost count. Many attempts I joined her for the ride) why I was succesful this time round, in comparison to previous attempts when I didn't go the distance and grew comfortable or other priorities took over. I thought about this, and the anwser for me was a few things.
1. I realised I wasn't being a bad person, to put myself first. It didn't mean my family, friends or work were less important. It meant that I could become the best person I could be by giving myself permission to say no, that's my time to exercise. I thought I didn't have anymore time to fit anything else in. Wrong, if its important you can always make time. It worked for me to make a timetable up at the beginning of the week, put in givens and then timetable my exercise, no excuses and no change. This worked.
2. I lost focus on the numbers, instead making the best health decisions became priority. I used to find it did my head in worrying about the numbers on the scale, and instead by thinking is what I'm putting in my mouth going to make me feel clean, healthy and taste good and make me healthy helped more. I had a goal of being fit enough to go skiing with my family and gave myself nine months to acheive that goal, not based upon body size.
3. The mantra "No excuses". By repeating this over and over whenever I doubted myself.
4. Going to WW meetings every week. In the past I have thought I have the tools, I have the knowledge, I'm sick of paying all this money to WW when I can do it myself. Guess what this didn't work for me. Without the accountability of someone else seeing the scales, the pat on the back, or the question what would you do differently, the exercise, food, cooking, motivation hints and general social gathering each week it doesn't work for me. I love meeting so many different people from different walks of life, different ages and lifestyles and we all have the same goal.
5. PLANNING, PLANNING, PLANNING. O'k I know I'm somewhat of a control freak so planning is essetial to me. I sit down Saturday mornings and write a weekly menu and exercise plan and shopping list to go with it. Then only buy whats on the list. This helps when I'm really busy so I don't have to think, all ingredients are on hand, I have planned menu around busy nights etc. I make sure I have added up point values and nutritioanlly have a balance of food. We have fish twice a week, at tleast one vegetarian night and I allow a night for entertaining, we may go out, or at home. I also fill all the water bottles at the beginning of the day and make sure I drink the lot.
This has turned into a long blurb than planned, and am so late now, had better run.....just lastly I have to ask you, do you really want to live your best life, do you want a healthy happy future for yourself? Then the power to transform your body and life is in YOUR hands. Its all about choice not chance.


  1. All those things you realised and made you successful are all things I am still struggling with. But I'll get there!

    Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. You will get there if you want it bad enough. Take each day, each minute step by step and don't be overwhelmed by the big picture.Life is too short to not be the best it can be. There are a lot of things out of our control, but the one thing we can control is what we put into our mouths and how we move our bodies. Go for it,YOU CAN DO IT. If I can, anyone can! BTW your posts on your blog totally crack me up, thankyou so much for that.:)