Sunday, February 7, 2010

Gotta love weekends!

We had a wonderful weekend. We went to Airlie Beach for lunch then out to Cedar Creek Falls for some bushwalking and swimming. It was one of those days that just make you think this is what life is about, spending time with the ones you love, being active, being outdoors and having fun.
It also symbolised in many ways how far I have come on my journey. I chose a delicious Thai prawn salad for lunch at a restaurant that makes the best pizzas in the world. I enjoyed my salad, and felt satisifed after eating it. Everyone complained about being very full. Pizzas did look and smell devine though! To be able to do all the walks and climbs is a major accomplishment. As you can see from the waterfall it is a steep climb. To feel comfortable in public wearing swimmers and shorts is a major hurdle. And looking at the photo of my husband and I, I used to be bigger than him!
While we climbed the waterfall, I didn't take up the challenge of plunging in off the ledge, despite how much my teenagers assured me "ït was safe"and so much fun!

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