Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Vaniety sizing

In my new role of Key Teacher/literacy/numeracy advisor I travel a lot to small schools and schools in remote areas. Hence I get to hear a lot of ABC National. Today they ran a very interesting session on sizing in womens clothing and labelled a practise currently used by many major womens clothing chains as vaniety sizing. Major chains are labelling clothing with smaller sizes on labels so feel better about yourself and buy more. The reporter said that seeing a smaller size on the label not only wanted to make you buy more, but continue to buy at that store as it made you feel better. Myer was one of the chains mentioned, and its not an illegel practise. This explains the inconsistencies in shopping where you can come home with three different outfits in different sizes, or convince yourself you aren't getting any bigger because you are still buying the same size. It also talked about the fact that people are getting bigger and some stores are catering for this such as Sportsgirl who now have a size 16 where they never used to carry the bigger sizes. So size does matter????? Nah, as long as you feel good the lable size shouldn't make any difference, BUT it DOES! I remember the first time I fitted back into a ten I wanted to wear teh label on the outside and let everyone

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