Monday, March 22, 2010

Hippty hop

 Hippty hop, hippty hop here comes the Easter Bunny. A friend shared the following list with me of points in Easter Eggs so thought I would post it here to help you with a special Easter treat in case you need to start banking points next week.


cadbury 250g = 30pts

cadbury 100g = 13 pts

cadbury dream small 100g = 13 pts

cadbury dream lg 200g = 26 pts

cadbury deluxe sitting purple/ red = 12/13 pts

nestle milky bar 80g = 10 pts

lindt gold bunny small 100g = 12.5 pts

red tulip elegant rabbit 200g = 22.5 pts

lindt gold bunny lg 200g = 25 pts

red tulip happy rabbit 250g = 28 pts


kit kat boxed 74g = 13 pts

pink smartie 120g = 16.5 pts

red tulip humpty dumpty 165g = 15 pts

dairy milk turkish delight 220g = 26 pts


heritage smll hollow = 2pts

cadbury dairy milk 100g = 11 pts

malteser egg 75g= 9 pts

4pk lindt lindor eggs 1 egg = 3 pts

kinder surprise = 2.5 pts

m & m rattles egg 50g = 6pts

creme egg = 3.5 pts

red tulip egg 100g = 12 pts

red tulip egg 50 g = 6 pts

cherry ripe 110g= 13 pts

crunchie 110g = 13 pts

cadbury dream 100g =13 pts

old gold 100g = 12 pts


  1. I was very pleased to see my beloved Creme Egg only has 3.5 points. I shall plan for a dozen of those over the next couple of weeks.

  2. Well, I guess the only eggs I'll be eating this Easter are in my egg white omelet! Thanks for the heads up! What about a little old yellow marshmallow egg, they can't be too dangerous...