Saturday, January 2, 2010

Believe in yourself and magic will happen

After reading Lindas blog: I'm just Linda, I was inspired to think what my word for myself in 2010 would be and came up with:
Since my lightening bulb moment a year ago that I would get to goal, I have never lost sight of my vision and belief in myself that I will get there... that is until Christmas. I had my plan of attack. As we were hosting the family Christmas get-together I knew what I was going to eat, and drink, and had planned my exercise. But old habits slowly crept back in... I started having a taste here and there, a few more snacks between meals, everyone being on holidays has meant meal times are more relaxed as has some of the exercise. I haven't planned our weekly menus as I usually do. I have put my gym membership on hold until February as I am going away in a couple of days and will be backwards and forwards most of January until school goes back. I haven't been to a meeting since school finished either for a number of reasons such as late night before, leader away and meeting closed. The changes in routine have meant I am struggling a bit to stay on track, I have two kg to go to goal. I had two kg to goal when school finished three weeks ago! I have to believe in myself that I can achieve all I set out to do. I know once routine is reestablished I'll feel more in control.


  1. Oh you can DO this!! 2kgs???? C'mon! I believe in you!!

  2. :)Thank you. It was an interesting exercise to actually write down what was happening. As soon as I finished I knew what I was/wasn't doing and why results weren't happening. I have just planned the next few nights meals, once I go away meals will become unknown, but will continue to make good choices, continue exercising and drinking lots of water. I believe I will achieve my goal, I have to be patient. Not one of my strengths, but working on it :)2kgs seem a bigger hurdle than 42 did, mmm have to think about that.