Friday, January 29, 2010

I did it!!!!

I have had a long term desire to join an outrigging club and this morning at 8.00am we had our first session. We couldn't go out from the beach as it was too rough and instead trained looking at technique in the creek that flows into the beach. It was magic. I am so proud of myself as I was so nervous about going and nearly chickened out so many times. BUT I DID IT and loved it. I am so pleased I have lost so much weight as there was no way my hips would have fit into the narrow canoe 12 months ago. It was awesome being out on the water is so relaxing. My upper torso and even glute muscles are sore and tired now with that lovely burn feeling of using different muscles. Can't wait to go back next week, and hopefully weather will be nicer. Sorry had to find a google image of outriggers on Hamielton Island as I left my camera in the car but will get some pics next week. Can't wait until I am fit enough to compete at Hamielton Island, but that is a long term goal. We train two nights a week with hour long paddles at 5.00pm and have social outriggers Saturday morning. It means I will have to change WW meetings though which is sad as I have a great supportive group and leader and am so close to achieving goal. I am looking forward to the new meeting though as I love the new leader and a change is good. My gym membership kicks back in this week too, can't wait as I have been missing it. And lastly another tick off my bucket list this week will be doing a meditiation course. I'm hoping it will help me cope with stress! Fingers crossed. Course goes for 6 weeks so busy busy.  I have had a great week weight wise, will post results tomorrow. Baby I'm back... lol


  1. What a great thing to do. I've always wanted to row, but have never thought I'd fit in the boat! It's great that you're enjoying life and doing things you wouldn't have 12 months ago. You've given me something to strive for!

  2. Thankyou Natalie, I can't begin to describe just how incredible it feels to accomplish something I've always wanted to do, but more importantly having the courage to actually go there and do it. When I think back on how I allowed my weight to define who I was and what I could do in the past I'm cranky with myself. I thought I was happy before, but its nothing compared to now. Go for it Natalie, strive and achieve your goals don't let your weight hold you back. x