Saturday, January 30, 2010

Happy anniversery to me.....

It's amazing to me what a difference a year makes to how I feel!

Happy anniversery to me......Yesterday marked my first year return to Weight Watchers. What an amazing year! I have always loved the before and after pics of everyone else, and find them so motivating so have bitten the bullet and put mine out there. Ouch it hurts to remember I ever looked like this, but its a good motivation never to go back. I have even worse ones in the sidebar to remind me of how far I have come and ensure I'm never back there. I'm back to 69kg yesterday, not quite at goal, but 40kgs closer than I was last year!
I have lost 32 cm off my chest, 23cm from my waist and 36cm from my hips. And gone down five dress sizes. All in 12 months! And no loose skin, I am so motivated to get to goal. I do have wobbly bits though that I am keen to tone. This last month has been challenging for many reasons, however I have my head focussed again and know each day I am making the best choices I can in food, exercise and looking after myself.
I have done so much in the past year I am so proud of. We had a family holiday skiing in September, our first trip to the snow and we all learnt to ski. While I didn't tackle the black runs like my testostrone charged male offspring and husband, I was off and skiing enjoying the nursery slopes. I can run/walk 6km and am improving upon my distances and times each week. I do some form of exercise every day, and have NO excuses. I am eating enough, a big problem for me. I am coping with stress (most of the time) and now have been outrigging. Amazing to me the challenges I have been able to achieve and how great I feel. Come on girls, don't let your weight hold you back, life is too good.


  1. You look AMAZING! What a transformation. And Happy 1st Anniversary!! You've come a long way and worked really really hard. Keep it up and you'll be at goal before you know it!

  2. Brilliant Stuff!!! Happy Anniversary x

  3. Well done YOU!
    Leanne you look and sound fantastic, I am so happy and proud of what you have achieved.

  4. You are so amazing! Not only have you achieved so much but you also take the time to offer me advice when I need it and for this I thank you. What an inspiration you are!!

  5. You're right . . . Amazing!! As you put it so well on my blog, life's too short to be a spectator ( I love that!). So good to hear that due to your amazing transformation you are able to get realy stuck into life and tackle things like skiing! Enjoy!

  6. happy anniversary, you look amazing! all the best with that final couple of kilos!!! :)