Sunday, January 17, 2010


I'm home...from the Sunshine Coast. We had a lovely couple of days down at the coast catching up with my BF and her family who transfered down there during the year and I have missed desperately.Not a good time weight wise though and will have to really buckle starting tomorrow. I realised so much of our relationship over the last twenty years has focussed upon food and those old habits quickly reestablished and as I was a guest was hard to resist. Partying is over... tough times to to get serious and focused again. We had a beautiful picnic down at the beach last night and it was terrific to pick up this months WW mag and see some fab recipes for picnics I will have to keep for our next picnic. Ok clock set to get up at 5.00am to start walking tomorrow, followed by a planning session to organise our eating plan this week, and grocery shop as the son and my WDH that remained at home ate everything in the fridge and cupboard. Water bottles are filled to remind me of how much I must drink.

I am loving following Lindas blog and seeing the visuals of how much weight she has lost. So to keep a focus and remind me of how far I have come I did a google search for images to show weights of 40kg and realised from this image I have lost a bra size:
'The worlds largest bra' hangs over the Queen Street and Wellesley Street intersection to promote Breast Cancer Awareness Month. The bra was constructed for the NZ Breast Cancer Foundation. It weighs 40kg and is approximately 10 metres long.


  1. That's an awesome bra! Though the thought of having to WEAR a bra that weighs 40kgs is sorta depressing! LOL... not as depressing as the thought of having 40kgs of boobs to put IN the bra.


  2. LOL... just as an aside, the word verification I had to type in to post my last comment was BRAcere! LOL

  3. golly, that's a big bra! i too am loving linda's item association...well done on the 40kgs of weight loss, that is phenomenal!