Monday, January 11, 2010

Sooo thankful

I'm home! Although its wonderful to be back with my husband and sons, I have to admit I HAD THE BEST TIME AWAY.... I had a amazing 5 days and have come home very relaxed, motivated and feeling very thankful for:

1. Having the most wonderful husband in the world to give me a gift like the trip as a reward.

2. Being blessed with an amazing extend family that is very varied in personalities, lifestyles, beliefs and yet when we are together it likes we have never been apart and can laugh, chat and share together as though we see each other every day although in some cases in was 10 years. Most importantly we know we can be ourselves and thats ok.

3. Being fit enough to enjoy treks around many varied walks: beaches, city, Harbour, shops, old houses and not be exhausted at the end and still want to do more. I even ran for 30 minutes up and down the Opera House steps at 6.00am. (Those glute muscles were very sore next day but its a great feeling that burn!) The Harbour is so beautiful at day break and it was fabulous seeing so many other people out getting fit.

4. Walk into a shop and be able to pick up heaps of clothes off the rack that not only fit, but that I like. I even bought some BELTS. A year ago belts weren't an accessory I could wear. I bought size 10's from CUE! 12's also :0.

5. Having five days of amazing food, and great company and have lost weight. (All the walking was responsible for that).

6. Having three gorgeous sons waiting at the airport to pick me up very happy to see me. AND they had all done the washing and housework while I was away. I came home to an empty sink, and an empty wash basket with the floors having been done!


  1. Wow! Welcome back!
    Sounds like you had a GREAT time, good for you.
    Now get back in that kitchen and post some more of your recipes! (lol)

  2. What an awesome time you had - and what awesome hubby & kids to have the house clean for you to come back to. We've missed you in blog-land!


  3. Thank you lovely ladies! It was a great trip. The night at the theatre seeing Wicked was excellent as was the Thai we ate beforehand. I enjoyed seafood with friends from Uni at Jordans, a restaurant at Darling Harbour, High tea at the Queen Victoria Building, many big family get-togethers that all evolved around food, groan but usually made the best choices I could. Shopping was fabulous, I love the gorgeous things I bought.I'm only home for two days though and am off then to Sunshine Coast for a few days taking my younger kids to see my BF. Love holidays....:)Will cook and post tonight just for you Shazzy! lol